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Blow a kiss from the stars


They live on stage and die on the internet…a job where it’s confirmed from front, back and side…

……that is a celebrity.
-Lee HyukJae

When my body turns cold you will know...I remapped the human soul. - Epik High, White Knight

Music, she saved my life. So I'm loving her through day and night.

-Tablo, TPL

Hajikero WANDAA BOOI oh yeah koi nante one chance torokesou na deai made one more chance c'mon!
Karafuri RONRII GEEMU oh no!! ayashige nao neesan dakedo sono te nya noran desu!
Breaking it down
I'm not done. I've only begun. This is what I wanted so it's exactly that, that I'll finish."
One day I hope that I could finaly be there.
Grip tight to the Umbrella
I'm turning 19 some time from now.
I don't go to school. And every other adult scolds me for it. Either that or they try to recruit me. They make me feel like one of those ITT commercials. But my reasons run deeper than "I don't have time". I put myself down, to bring myself up. Because when i'm down the only way is up *duece*. I'm one of those that try to catch up that they forget thier own rythem. I try to catch up all the time, never achieving it. But somehow i'm still running, still trying, still killing myself. My intrests surprise the hell out a lot of folks, because they are different as night and day. But I'm liking something different everyday.
My smiles are awkward, I bluntly stumble on truths, at first I choke to say hello, I tend to give off this shy aura, like "You don't curse! And you're so innocent"
type of vibe. Usually I'm okay with that, but then I get tired of falling hard on my ass when you suddenly decide you don't like who I really am. And I resort to sarcasim when all else fails, and I try to protect myself from you.
I guess that gives you one perception of me and the one that will stick because it's easier than to see the real me. I'm a talentless talent, an artless uptight twat. But when the ice breaks...I'm a funny (in my own way), nice (in my own way), definitely carring person you're surprised to know.
Only One Minute One Second left to say "au revoir, ce soir je suis desole"
I write for passion, but life doesn't like it. It keeps me away to my thoughts and I write out my whole story in my brain. And when I can, this knot in my thoat keeps my hands from typing. My likes are Kanjani8, Arashi, Epik High, Big Bang, 2ne1, Onigiri, Diablito Snowcones, DBSK, Super Junior, I love DORAMAS AND MOVIES. To much to type up now, but I'll do it another day.So the minute is up, I better go.
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