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Waohw!! I just read some of my old post...i've come a long way!! ........don't wanna go back this time HAHA! Anyway, I gotta clean this journal up! and post some icons i've made!!

NEW EPIK HIGH PROFILE!! i made it, yes i did! cool huh? I have to get another layout. I love Myvs, but man I had that for the longest time lol I just posted a finished fic. if you read this, you should go read the fic! especially if you love GBOM and ESPECIALLY if you don't know who they are! kekeke it's in my other journal.

So i still have to finish the loads of icon graphics I'm making! kekeke but  I got distracted by Epik High's Epik posing! hohohohoho 

well see ya! Oh and I found this: EpikBang!

and Super High Epik Junior! kekeke

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15 November 2009 @ 03:33 pm
huh...well. I'm looking at this before and after pic of some girl in a weight loss advertisement...and I'm thinking Ano-rex-ic!

Anyway, blah I feel so blah today. Work was too much...running...around....x___x

There is a lot of contraversy going on in the KPOP media right now...DaYUM! It's up the wazul sorry

anyway, I have to work on me. ME! I need something that reminds me why I'm doing anything! I'll write ch. 2 now. This post has no direction, really. I think it's my brain trying to make sense of what I feel, but it's failing me right now...oh and this was a conversation btwn me and a co-worker

Co-worker : "I'm craving musturd, idk why i hate muster! But i'm craving it with everything!"

me: o__O okay...maybe you're preg-
co-worker: shut up! if you say I'm pregnate i'll hurt you! I'm sorry, I wouldn't but just don't say it!
me: O_____________O okay, i wont. *cough*

.......i think she's nutz anyway.
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23 September 2009 @ 08:31 pm
I can't believe I finished my Science Report...last minute! With so much time to spare...so I guess it's not exactly last minute, but it's due tomorrow! Whooo I feel so relieved :D Now I can focus on the important this like writing (finishing) fanfics, and watching Big Bang Documentary...yeah! Damn, I have to study for the final still! Ugh....Okay, but that wont take too long. I know! I'll try that mind trick where I chew on gum while I study, and then again while I take the test...They say it works to remember what you study, hope it does!!!!!!!!!! 

B to the I to the G B to the A and G Get Ur Handz up high!~
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15 September 2009 @ 10:18 am

Now if they just debuted this way in the first place! But I think it's Supernova that did them good. No, I know it was Supernova! lol
02 September 2009 @ 04:31 pm
Oh yesssss! THE Official Video! HAHAHAHAHAHa i like it a lot!!!!

seeing as we have a G-Dragon again, I felt it appropriate to post! ha!
26 July 2009 @ 02:37 pm
I should be reading my psychology book because there will be a quiz on ch.1 tomorrow, but I can't read that right now! I'm so irresponsible, I know. And I hate that! *beats head with psyc book lol* Oh well I'm always better off cramming anyway.

Many I'm totally obsessed with 2NE1'S Let's go PARTY song! and I don't care single too! I think they are my favorite girl group ever! they're so different than other groups, especially in Korean. They aren't the plastic dolls like SNSD or Wonder Girls. I'm also getting really into Epik High, hence my profile ^-^

Anyway, i'm bored!! I'm gonna write then, oh and i have a meme to do still...heh!
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I kinda like my job. The people are cool, they don't gossip and bitch! ^_^ I have money!!! I'm going to school starting July 22nd and it's better than sitting around all day! but i think that i'll have to quit though because the schedule will be too tight. I hope that i don't have to though! I watched HBP last night and it was GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD i have chills remembering it all! anyway, i'm going to bed now!

"L-l-let's go!{;"
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05 June 2009 @ 03:26 pm
Everything seemed okay
It seemed safe for the person who I wanted to be
The sky was beautiful
And I got lost in it's way
The golden sun rays, the purple hue
I thought, 'Nothing could be more perfect.'
I thought I was gold.
What I saw, I thought I could reach.
i thought I was gold, like the sun and the leaves.
But, I didn't realize...until it was too late.
The sun was only setting in on me.

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Hahahahaha I'm so laughing at the irony that is my life. I said I want to go into the city, except I didn't specify. I'm working in the city now, in a building that over looks the whole damn city in the 46th floor. Wow right? No. It sucks, because even if I'm in the city, I'm not in the city. I'm not enjoying it. Well, isn't that funny? =-=. I think I give up.

I just don't see what I was fighting for anymore. And I can't sleep until I curse and insult myself. I'm no good, no good. I can't do anything anybody asks me to. There is a specific thought that runs through my head, but I can't let the the thought finish. It makes me want to scream out, "I'm not done yet! This can't be it!".

I don't know anymore.

And my fanfic list grew. one day when I finally, fully, realize that I mean nothing even to myself; i'm going to finish them all. Fanfics are the only thing that make me feel useful, but I even neglect that.

Where did it all go so horribly wrong?
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16 April 2009 @ 04:07 pm
You know what? I'm going to Japan. I've had it with dreaming and all of my uncertainties. If I go to California, then I'll do my best and then move to Japan after I graduate. I want to make JDoramas, it's what i want! Of course I want to make movies, but I could live my simple life assisting in JDorama or actually directing living in Japan. And If I don't go to California after everything, then I'll work my ass off to raise money to go. I'm tired to just having the dream to do it, I want to actually do this. I know it will be a lot of work, but I'm tired of seeing everybody else succeed. I want to be happy, When do I get my chance? Well, I'm tired of waiting for it. The more I wait the more things fall apart...
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